The Doghouse NYC drumset was built for this room by Ascenza Custom Drums. Frank Ascenza makes and restores drums for many of New York's top shelf drummers.

The 20'' bass drum is punchy (due in part to its 15'' depth) but warm. There is a 12'' rack tom and a 14'' floor tom as well as a 14''x5'' snare drum also made by Mr. Ascenza.

Although many drummers often use their own cymbals, our kit is set up with a pair or Turkish hi-hats and ride and crash cymbals.(hand picked in Istanbul)

And what is the point if the hardware is squeaky...so all the pedals and stands are heavy-duty and beautifully silent.

Our goal in commissioning this kit was to match the quality and tone of our piano. Ascenza succeeded. The kit captures all the warmth of a vintage Gretch with the sculpted dynamics of a newer drum set (such as a DW). It excels as both a jazz kit and a rock/funk kit.