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The Doghouse NYC

Music for Ads. The Doghouse NYC Reel

Commercial Demo Reel

Lincoln-Mercury video

Lincoln-Mercury Built from strange instruments and found sounds, a "Laptronica" track sets the tone for this "what if" series of images for Lincoln-Mercury.

Volkswagen Jetta video

VW JETTAEnergized pulsing electro basslines meet bombastic drums at the end of this Jetta pitch.

J.C. Penney video

J C PENNEY Demo: A confident and upbeat dance/disco track for this J.C. Penney ad.

American Express video

amex In this demo, Andy Roddik challenges Pong as a Drum'n Bass score created from toy drum machines and pianos electrifies the game.

EPT: Trains video

ept A woman speculates about pregnancy and her future. A backdrop of pianos and backwards piano reinforce a feeling of time and uncertainty in this ad for EPT.

Diamond Trading Company video

De Beers Diamond Trading Company Demo: In part one of this two part ad, an eerie ambience sets the stage for a Herculean task. For the festive ending, read about it in this case study.

JetBlue video

jet blue Demo: An ambient Chill-Out track sets the backdrop for the “chill'ist” of airlines in which Tyreese explains why JetBlue is cool to fly.

Acura video

Acura In this demo, an acura struts about town to a lounge track which quickly becomes tinged with the Latin flavor of Miami nightlife.

Western Union; Vestido video

Western Union This fairy tale falls short in this Western Union ad. Romantic string sounds from our Vienna Symphonic Library add a nostalgic air...if it weren't for the surprise ending.

AT&T video

AT&T This rock song was created for a demo which would ultimately be sung in Spanish. Live drums from our studio sound awesome as always.


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