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Hands-on learning –There is no substitute for learning in a working music production environment. Through our internship program and chartered workshops, we provide a much needed resource for up and coming producers and engineers.


Productions workshops offer an exclusive and intimate look into the music production and recording process. With small class sizes (usually around four students) each short course provides ample opportunity to explore concepts in production. The same qualities that make The Doghouse NYC an ideal space for artists also make an ideal learning environment. Face-to-face communication, high quality instruments and equipment, and world class production techniques provide an exceptional opportunity for the evolving recordist.

Availability, duration, and cost depend upon the class. Click on the current class offerings for more information including instructions on how to apply. We are currently taking applications for the following workshops:

Basic Recording Principals

How Music Works

The Process of the Song

Logic Audio Primer

Please keep in mind that these classes are created, scheduled, and filled on a demand basis. We are unable to take all applicants for some classes. We are a music production facility and not a school. We offer these workshops on a charter basis as a service. We have had a lot of fun in the past and look forward to an exciting new season. Hope to see you here!

If you and you are interested in applying, please contact us at the link below and we will send you instructions on how to proceed.



The Doghouse NYC offers a limited number of internships. Each year we take applications for two intern positions. Interns provide important support in the studio by helping with a wide variety of tasks ranging from direct hands-on learning to basic maintenance. This is a close working environment which demands that we be very selective in this process. Additionally, please bear in mind that this is neither a paid internship nor a "career track" position. If you believe that this is the place for you and you are interested in applying, please contact us at the link below and we will send you instructions on how to proceed. Please understand that due to the volume of requests we cannot answer every application.



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