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The Doghouse NYC

The Doghouse NYC- intimate compositions

Work Samples | INTIMATE

The Happy Song audio

Written as a demo for Coke, this little lo-fi jem never fails to bring a smile. It features vocals from Nathan Rosenberg, Jill Cunniff (Luscious Jackson), Heather Duby, and Cole Gentles. Imagine the singer being joined by others untill the last chorus is sung by a crowd.

Abilify vidio


A Hopeful ballad for this Abilify Commercial featuring piano, guitar and violin.

Corner Bossa audio

Johnny Tasty Parker

In memory of an old friend. This track was originally recorded for chanteuse Kim Matsko. The trumpet in the shadows is the late Johnny Parker and Kim kindly allowed Nathan to take a swing at her vocal in salute to the truely one-of-a-kind "Tasty" Parker.

Familiar Old Piano Mobile Players Click Here

This is the piano from your grandma's house. Played down the hall, the sound is a memory. A warm and happy ghost in pajamas with padded feet who tiptoes around the tree.

Delicate Hands Mobile Players Click Here

The Portuguese adufe and finger tambourine accompany a lovely thumb piano and guitar melody. Quiet music rules.

Simply Put Mobile Players Click Here

Our most prized guitar is this little toy nylon. Played here in the able hands of Mark Marshall, it's a gentle melody with thumb piano and shaker.


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