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The Doghouse NYC

The Doghouse NYC- tracks with VIBE.

Work Samples | VIBE

So Into You Mobile Players Click Here

So Into You

A this short segment from the Atlanta Rythm Section's , So Into You. Tons of attitude. The vocal mic is the beloved D4. Read more about it here.


Composition from Atari's Backyard Skateboarding. This track compliments the sound of wheels on asphalt.

Blues for Chiara

A bit of our jazz heritage poking through. This piano trio composition sports Nathan Rosenberg's recognizable and funky flair. The recording techniques employed in this piece are outlined in this article.

Vanessa Bley: From My Head Mobile Players Click Here

We mixed this one from Lower-East-Side-Indi-Chanteuse, Vanessa Bley.

Hard Mobile Players Click Here

This boot stompin', Nashville-style track is from New York artist and songsmith, Jenna Torres.

Read more about Jenna Torres here.

Doghouse Saloon Mobile Players Click Here

A rollicking Western composition. Slippery guitars, saloon piano and washboard.

Kingston Doghouse Mobile Players Click Here

The sunny, island tones of this composition once helped us endure a particularly long, cold, New York winter.

Abby Ahmad: Curriculum

Abby Ahmad

Produced at the Doghouse NYC, a preview of singer-songwriter Abby Ahmad's new record, "Curriculum".

Star Pupil

With tuba, toy guitar, horns, and a zany percussion section , Star Pupil audio delivers tons of quirky ear candy production for this unique track.

Landing Gear

Landing Gear audio features Abby's percussive guitar work contact-miked with a pair of headphones, giving this track it's bass-drum-like woof. Also featured is a Portuguese square drum called an adufe. The horn section was recorded off the brick walls of our giant outdoor roof space. And yes, even the reverb comes from our stairwell!

Latin Chill Demo for Acura vidio

Christmas Diamonds 2

This style-y Latin chill track combines a sultry Cuban guitar sample with an icey beat.


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